Kid Nowe Skate Deck

The exhibition INKING BOARD is tonight, so to put you in suspense, here are some pictures details of the diptychs of boards that will be presented. Artists who participated: Kid Nowe from Biribi • Noka from Blossom Tattoo Collective • Grom Tattoo • Strange Dust from Black Horns • Gaguthhe and Pas de Veine from Viva Dolor • Gladys to Meet You from Piqueur de Rue • Quentin Aldhui from Hello Darkness • Mathias Bugo and Carlito from Art Tribal • Marc Bonz from Mile Ends • Laurent Claveau • Hozho from Tattoo Station • Side and Pandido from Peoples Temple Tattoo • Krap from Pandaemonium.

You have until Saturday, January 26 to discover all this in SITIO, from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 18pm.

A Ames Egales par Pas De Veine
A Ames Egales by Pas De Veine
Hey You And Who Me par Kid Nowe
Hey You And Who Me by Kid Nowe
Join The Temple par Pandido
Join The Temple by Pandido
Nightmares par Strange Dust
Nightmares by Strange Dust
Send Nudes par Quentin Aldhui
Send Nudes by Quentin Aldhui
Sherkhan par Carlito
Sherkhan by Carlito
Sk Rb par Gladys To Meet You
Sk Rb by Gladys To Meet You
Vanité par Gaguthhe
Vanité by Gaguthhe
Disposable par Hozho
Disposable by Hozho
Dichotomie par Laurent Claveau
Dichotomie by Laurent Claveau
Daruma par Noka
Daruma by Noka
Certitude Et Doute par Krap/crap
Certitude Et Doute by Krap/crap
Blooming In The Moonlight par Mathias Bugo
Blooming In The Moonlight by Mathias Bugo
Battle Royal par Marc Bonz
Battle Royal by Marc Bonz
Apres Midi Oklm par Side
Apres Midi Oklm by Side
A Ames Egales par Pas De Veine
A Ames Egales by Pas De Veine



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