Inking Board is the name of the series of exhibitions where the skateboard goes under the dermograph. Inking the wood of the skateboard as you would do it on the skin’ is the only instruction given to the tattoo artists.

The beginning: Inking Board 001

At the beginning of January 2019, 17 tattoo artists were each given the mission to create a work from 2 skateboards. The exhibition highlighted all the creativity and graphic richness of the tattoo world. From irezumi, to traditional, to naive and engraving, the styles and renderings were as varied as they were fascinating. The tattoo artists had 4 months to create their works. In fact, most of them spent more than 30 hours perfecting their boards.

Especially since the wood support was a challenge for some. Indeed, wood absorbs a lot of paint. Everyone had to find the right solution to get a clean look.

To better immerse everyone in the world of each artist, Paul Daubié photographed the tattoo artists and their salons. Taken on film, he took care of the printing himself.

Inking Board 001 took place at Sitio by Superposition, the Street Art gallery in the 1st district of Lyon. On the program, the following artist-tattooers participated in this first edition: Strange Dust, Carlos Olmo, Grom, Carlito, Gaguthhe, Noka, Kid Nowe, Quentin Aldhui, Krap/Crap, Side, Marc Bonz, Laurent Claveau, Pandido, Mathias Bugo and Carlito, Gladys to Meet You, Pas de Veine.

The Resonance: Inking Board 001

In July 2019, a resonance of this exhibition took place in the city of Wonders: Bordeaux. Indeed, the eco-neighborhood Darwin hosted the event for 1 month in one of these large refurbished hangars. For Inking Board 002, in addition to the artists already presented, 3 new ones were added. We invited Mamie Bousille, Subson’Ink and Romain Perdrizet to create a work of art each.

What’s next?

This series of exhibitions is the initiation of Romain Hurdequint, the creator of The Daily Board, Paul Daubié and Chloé Chandioux. It’s hard to say more for the moment, but the series will continue and may grow!