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The Daily Board is the first online media really focus on creativity around skate art. Creators, designers and illustrators are often hidden behind the brands for which they work. Our goal is to put them in the spotlight.


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The Daily Board should be make its way into your Tumblr Dashboard ASAP

— Complex

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Publication of an article of the Lego ‘Indians vs Blue Coats’ skateboard

— Fubiz[/column] [/columns_row]

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Publication of an article of the new identity of The Daily Board

— Designers of Tumblr

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Quoted in an article about the ’35 Websites with Creative and Beautiful Sidebars’

— One Extra Pixel

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Media Kit

All details, key numbers, logos, images about The Daily Board are available on our 2015 media kit.
For further questions, feel free to write us

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