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Collage Photo Series By Solowood Skateboards 14
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Collage Photo Series by Solowood Skateboards

Since 2009, Solowood Skateboards has been collaborating with artists from all over the world such as Elna from Brother of Lights or Lucas Beaufort. For this new series named “Collage Photo Series”, the brand compiles the photographic work of 12…
Josh Jameson Skateboard Illustrator
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Josh Jameson, illustrator

Both the man behind Flip’s graphics and a worthy successor to the legendary Marc McKee and Sean Cliver, Josh Jameson brings a new wave of old school. Indeed, the English artist illustrates cartoon graphics, naive and controversial, that we liked…

Pushing Skate Art since day one

Since 2011, the media focuses on showing all the creativity around this object that Canadians call the "rouli-roulant". From graphics to sculptures made of skateboard folds, furniture made of boards or works made of several skateboards, the possibilities are infinite and the artists have understood that. We are more and more numerous to find a real attraction for this medium. Its singular shape, its holes for screws, its folds of wood colored or not, its bottom used to graphics or its top where we put the griptape, all these characteristics are so many constraints that push to creativity!

And that's without even mentioning its history, its culture and the difficulty in its practice that leads to a real fascination in the collective imagination. This is the reason why luxury brands are appropriating it, which they are not ready to do with the scooter or the hoverboard.

This media aims to highlight what could be called a new artistic movement and called Skate Art. In addition to the series and works, the idea is to go deeper into the subject by interviewing art directors of brands, artists and illustrators who create and participate in that, every day, this mode of artistic expression is enriched.

In addition to this site, The Daily Board is involved in real life with the creation of books and exhibitions on this art. With the curation and writing of the book Skate Art: From the object to the artwork, I try (ed. Romain Hurdequint, founder of this site) to show the richness of this world.

The exhibitions Inking Board & Spraying Board, respectively dedicated to the inking of skateboards by tattoo artists and the spraying of boards by street artists, also have this vocation. These exhibitions take place today mainly in France, but their objective is to progressively travel around the world and especially across the Atlantic.

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