Dichrotomie Laurent Claveau 6

The former Artistic Director of Antiz Skateboard, Laurent Claveau is now an illustrator/tattoo artist on his own. As part of the exhibition INKING BOARD, he created an artwork with two skateboards that he has covered with leather to be able to tattoo with his machine. The result wasn’t up to his expectations, so he finally folded on the acrylic paint.

Entitled ‘Dichrotomy’, his work opposes good food to bad food. On the one hand, he illustrated the starred chef Paul Bocuse in a very simple way, as is his cooking. On the other, he made a kind of McDonald zombie to represent fast food. This parallel isn’t free because as the artist explain, these two gentlemen are linked. Indeed, in 1992, McDonald’s Netherlands had used a photo of Paul Bocuse in his kitchen. He therefore lodged a complaint and asked for damages that were paid to his hotel school: the Paul Bocuse Institute.

The diptych was sold at an auction on gastronomy.

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