Send Nudes Quentin AldhuiFormed at school to designer product, Quentin Aldhui has created his own tattoo parlor Hello Darkness in Lyon almost 3 years ago. For the exhibition INKING BOARD, he has done a beautiful work! Entitled ‘Send Nudes’, the diptych of skate represents Baphomet, an enigmatic character with a goat’s head, here, in full trip LSD. This frightening monster is softened by this little fun detail in the animal’s left eye.

Handmade in one copy, the work was sold during the INKING BOARD exhibition.

Send Nudes Quentin Aldhui 8 Send Nudes Quentin Aldhui 6 Send Nudes Quentin Aldhui 3 Send Nudes Quentin Aldhui 4 Send Nudes Quentin Aldhui 1



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