To properly present your skate graphics, I created 3 mock-ups. A first mock-up zoomed on the central part of the board, a second to see the board by far and a last where we see the tail of the skateboard.

Artworks by Kraken K and Keflione

Why I did those mock-ups?

In fact, I started from the following observation: When I want to share boards with interesting graphics on The Daily Board, I often do not do it because the brand or the artist has only the graphic version of the board but no pictures. What I can totally understand! Making beautiful packshot photos (of products) can be time consuming or expensive. It was even more problematic for the creation of my Skate Art book because I needed both beautiful and good quality pictures. It happened to me for some to see with my friend photographer Cédric Bougnoux to make beautiful photos by ourselves.

Before reinventing the wheel, I looked at the canvas what already existed. It has models of mock-ups but nothing that suits me really and especially no real effect zoomed boards. And that’s what I need to put forward boards on the site. When I want to share a board or a series on The Daily Board, I need at least 3 pictures of the product otherwise it does not make sense to make an article on it with 2 pieces of pictures that are dueling. It is essential that I have a clean view of the board and a few zooms of details of the boards.

This pack of mock-ups is therefore the union minimum to share a design that I like on the site! To go further, I will work hard to create a more complete pack of a dozen images that will not present a board but a series of 3 boards.

What creatives did with the mock-ups

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