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Atlas Skateboarding is THE mythical skateshop in San Mateo, San Francisco. Since its creation, the company has evolved to become more than just a skateshop. Indeed, it has also become a strong brand through its many collaborations with talented artists and the biggest brands in the industry.


The genesis

We ultimately chose Atlas because it’s a literal and figurative description of what skateboarding is all about. The thing that takes you to places you’ll never forget and introduces you to a culture that will stay with you for the rest of your life“, its founders tell us.

Founded in 2007 by Mike Franklin and Ryen Motzek, the shop quickly became an international reference. Over the years, it has collaborated on board and apparel collections with renowned artists like Thomas Campbell, Greg Gossel, Allister Lee, Todd Francis or the creative studio Morning Breath to name a few.

In 2019, Atlas Skateboarding is moving to a new, larger location in San Mateo, California. Now, the new store offers more space for events, skate demos and exhibitions. It also features a large selection of skateboards, skateboarding apparel and equipment, as well as a large selection of skate shoes.

The team

Atlas is also known for its skateboarding team. It includes some of the most talented skateboarders in the San Francisco Bay Area. It includes Mark Suciu, Joey Guevara, Chris Athans and others.

In addition to selling to sponsor a top skate team, Atlas is known for its commitment to the skate community. The store regularly hosts free skateboarding events for local young skaters.

It is involved in fundraising for skate-related charities such as the Skatepark Project and Skateistan.

Fernando Elvira X Atlas Skateboarding
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Fernando Elvira x Atlas Skateboarding

After Element, Zero, Cliché or Magenta, back on the collaboration between Fernando Elvira and Atlas Skateboarding. For this series of boards, the Spanish artist has addressed the theme of travel and photography. His graphics are usually created by cutting out…
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Travis Jensen Atlas Skateboarding 6
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Travis Jensen x Atlas Skateboarding

American photographer Trevis Jensen has produced a series of boards in collaboration with Atlas Skateboarding for the release of his book ‘Barbary Coast Now’. These ‘Burnout’ and ‘Bike Surfing’ photos are featured on the boards with a black neutral background…
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