One Man Show Keith Haring Skateroom 2

The Skateroom is a brand specialised in the edition of artistic skateboards. It was created in Brussels, Belgium in 2013. Indeed, the idea as summarized by its founder Charles-Antoine Bodson is the following: “The Skateroom unites artists, art buyers, museums, brands and non-profit organizations from all over the world in a new business model – Art for Social Impact”.

He was inspired to create this company after meeting Olivier Percovich, the founder of Skateistan. At the time, the latter was looking for funding to set up his second skateboard school. Charles-Antoine Bodson owned a collection of vintage skateboards and decided to sell them to support his project. He was able to raise $50,000 and fund the school.

She has made collaborations with great contemporary artists. From Jean-Michel Basquiat, to Andy Warhol, to Keith Haring via the Artestar licensing agency. There are also collabs with living artists such as ROA, Ai Weiwei, Jean Jullien and Cleon Peterson.

The brand is committed to donating a portion of sales to charity. Historically, the association that The Skateroom collaborates with is Skateistan. However, the company also helps other charities. Its commitment is to donate 5% of the company’s turnover each year or 25% of profits. In this way, The Skateroom has already been able to fund over 29 projects. In total, $500,000 has been donated since the launch.

Indeed, their vision is that: “Our collective future depends on transforming business ideas into a way to build, fund and implement systemic solutions to the world’s most pressing needs.”