The Texan artist Mike Guerrero has a graphic style and theme very special. With ink and gouache, he paints his characters (often homeless or monsters) in the process of making tricks. In this way, he lists in his drawings, many skate figures, mostly old school.

But as it says on the Hi My Name Is Mark brand’s website (which he is one of the artists ambassadors). “Mike does not consider his work as “retro”.Rather, his work is the continuing evolution of a personal vision funneled through the pop culture of a bygone era. ”

A single pencil stroke, he carries from paper to metal, with pine for TheRubbishRubbish, trucks for Krux, or to wood with boards for Trudge Skateboards and The Friend Ship.

Go see his latest works and follow the next collabs on his Instagram.


m_guerrero-skatingThe art of MGuerrero skateThe art of MGuerrero skate The art of MGuerrero skate


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