Spraying Board is a series of exhibitions that mixes Street Art and Skate Art, cultures that are close because both come from the street. The concept of this project is in fact to entrust urban artists with several skateboards so that they paint them as they would on a mural.


The genesis

Created in 2020 by the ONG Superposition and The Daily Board, the first edition of the collective exhibition took place in the 315m² of the Galerie des Terreaux, in the heart of our beautiful city of Lyon.

On this occasion, the creation of 44 skateboards by 12 Lyon and international artists was carried out. Indeed, each artist was entrusted with 4 skateboards with the exception of an artist duo. Each artist was free to use the technique he preferred. This is how Combo CK, for example, chose to stick on its skateboards when Mani used Indian ink or Loodz, the aerosol to name just a few. The following artists participated in the 001 edition:

Bambi (Lyon, Fr)
Bebarbarie (Paris, Fr)
BOUDA (Paris · Lyon, Fr)
Chufy (Lyon, Fr)
Culture Kidnapper Combo (Paris, Fr)
Le Monstr (Montreal, Can)
Loodz (Lyon, Fr)
Mani (Lyon, Fr)
Mr.Sphinx (Lyon, Fr)
WENC (Brussels, Bel)
YAKES (Paris, Fr)
Yandy Graffer (Lima, Per)


As we say on the site dedicated to the event: sprayingboard.com: “As a veritable meeting point of these two practices, Spraying Board meets the eyes of a host of artists for whom the city represents a field of expression life-size, a showcase of their creations and a territory inviting to reappropriation by all. ”

Plans for 2021

Nearly 1000 people came on the opening day and nearly 1000 others during the 10 days of exhibition. Because of the Covid-19, the Spraying Board had an early end and stopped on March 16. Despite this, we can say that this edition was a real success!

This is why, we are organizing an edition with new artists for 2021 which will always take place in Lyon but which should also become itinerant and move on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Montreal, Canada.

To follow the adventure, go follow the Instagram accounts of The Daily Board and Superposition.

Loodz X Arkaic Concept For Spraying Board 6
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Loodz x Arkaic Concept for Spraying Board

For the Spraying Board exhibition, four artists were invited to create unique graphics like this one by Loodz. Each graphic was edited in very limited edition and produced by the Lyon-based skateboard manufacturer Arkaic Concept. The graffiti artist represents one…
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Passage Skateboards By Wenc
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“Passage” skateboards by Wenc

Fan of architecture from the start, Wenc plays with the urban environment which he mixes with an organic element to build his works for the Spraying Board exhibition. He explains: “My drawing ideas emerge from the interactions that exist between…
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