Work in Progress de Cresk pour Spraying Board Vietnam

Spraying Board Vietnam is the name of the new edition which takes place 10 000km away from home, in the country of the Asian Dragon. Indeed this year, the event is itinerant and settles in Ho Chi Minh City, then in Hue. With only one watchword: the cultural mix.

Spraying Board, the concept

In November 2019, to celebrate skateboarding and urban art, media outlet The Daily Board and the nonprofit Superposition decide to team up to create a skateboard exhibition. After a first concept of skateboards painted by tattoo artists, Inking Board, street-artists are now featured in Spraying Board.

Spraying Board 001 at the Galerie des Terreaux

The 1st Spraying Board was born in Lyon, in an emblematic place: the Galerie des Terreaux. Ideally located in the 1st district, on the Place des Terreaux, the edition was a great success from the start. In total, 12 talented street-artists produced 44 skateboards, which were presented in the 315m² room. The event opened on March 05, 2020. Unfortunately, the health crisis will force us to close about ten days later. A hard blow, but that didn’t stop Spraying Board from being a great event.

Spraying Board 002 at Part Dieu

The following year, new place, new artists and new boards. First of all, the exhibition took place in a new space: a 4-story tower. Located in the heart of the Part Dieu business district, it allows for a larger exhibition area. So who says more space, says more artists. This time, Spraying Board 002 will call upon 15 artists to paint, spray paint or cut 60 skateboards (4 each).

A rich event, where the public was there! This led us to two new desires: create an exhibition outside of France and make a cultural mix. Thanks to the proposal of the French Institute of Vietnam, the project to create a bridge between the French and Vietnamese street art culture was born.

L'affiche de Spraying Board Vietnam

The new Spraying Board Vietnam edition

Produced by The Daily Board & Superposition, in collaboration with IFV, the exhibition presents the work of French and Vietnamese artists. First, we made a selection of works from the French editions. Then, we added the creation of 16 new boards by 4 renowned Vietnamese artists. As always, Tigerclaw Supplies provided all blank boards. Each artist expressed themselves on four skateboards.

Thus, 40 boards were displayed, almost half of which were created exclusively for this new exhibition. First, the boards of the French Babs, Bambi Bakbi, Bouda, Dodo Ose, Don Mateo and LeMonstr flew to the event. Then, beside them, the Vietnamese street-artists Cresk, Daes, AmmBanhmi and VuiQa have produced beautiful works. As always, we let them give free rein to their imagination to create their quadriptych. And it was effective!

On the one hand, the two members of the Wallovers crew, Daes and Cresk approached the supports in the same way. They each created characters on each skateboard. On the other hand, AmmBanhmi and VuiQa approached the board as a whole and created a continuous composition on the 4 skateboards. Two different approaches, but each one works wonderfully.

For the opening on Friday, March 4th, the French Institute of Vietnam organized a beautiful event. On the program: skatepark, demo of pro riders, animations and presence of local artists. In short, we will present you very soon, the photos of the evening.

The Spraying Board Vietnam exhibition is free until April 3rd. The address: the Institute of Cultural Exchanges with France, at 31 Thái Văn Lung, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.

Photos by Lionel Rault or property of the Vietnamese artists.

Work in Progress de l'artiste BABS Bouda en train de travailler sur ces planches pour l'édition Spraying Board 001 Work in Progress de l'artiste vietnamien Cresk Spraying Board Vietnam, le work in Progress de l'artiste Daes L'artiste Don Mateo dans son studio Zoom sur l'oeuvre de Dodo Ose Spraying Board Vietnam, le Work in Progress de l'artiste VuiQa


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