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Le Monstr for the Spraying Board exhibition invites us to question ourselves over time. To define his work as an artist, he refers to the physicist Etienne Klein:

We often repeat that time is this kind of fluid which transports all objects, which ages beings, alters and wears things out, gnaws at rocks, sometimes improves societies and more surely wines. But saying that is hardly enough to reveal its true nature. Basically, what is time: is it just a word? Is it as we think we perceive it or live it? How do physicists imagine it? As philosophers think? Or is it not rather, quite simply, as historians say, a series of more or less contingent events, more or less intertwined, more or less causally linked?

Le Monstr offers an infinity of scales in black and white. For him, action gives way to time, with the impression that it is slowing down.

For more information on the event:

Le Monstr HD 2 Le Monstr HD 3 Le Monstr HD 10 Le Monstr HD 14 Le Monstr HD 25 Le Monstr HD 28 Le Monstr HD 35


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