Sans Titre 1Timber, official artist of the Element brand, has just released a brand new collection of four plates. Inspired by Japanese prints, Chad Eaton, comes to work on skateboards with orange and beige shades on a black background. It represents several creatures of the forest, such as a mountain, a dragon and a wolf at the same time.

His collection was released a few weeks ago and is available for sale on the Element website.

SanstitreS4dcb8elp0 Element,pg 0001 Bck1 S4dcb8elp0 Element,pg 0001 Frt1 S4dcb9elp0 Element,pg 0001 Bck1 S4dcb9elp0 Element,pg 0001 Frt1 S4dcc1elp0 Element,pg 0001 Frt1 S4dcc2elp0 Element,pg 0001 Frt1


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