Exposition For Cops Sake Pcitures Of The Opening 6

The ancient artist Rom av.JC  presented a new skatejar at the For Cop’s Sake! exhibition, organized by Route One & Re:ply Skateboards. Entitled “Ianus Adiuvat Planeta” or “Janus Saves the Planet”, this recycled skateboard jar represents the duality of Janus, Roman God of transitions. One of his profiles shows the signs of pollution and deforestation, while the other directs his gaze towards ecological preservation.

Sold at auction on the Forum auctions website, the funds generated will be donated to the Environment Justice Foundation.

Ianus Adiuvat Planeta By Rom AvJC1 Ianus Adiuvat Planeta By Rom AvJC3 Janus Board2 Janus Board3 252463216 416318056790700 501865054306674333 N


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