Suketo Skateboard Deck Mockup

Since the release of my first skateboard mockups two years ago, it has been in my head to create new, better ones. I had used existing photos for the first ones and I didn’t have all the latitude to create them of the best possible quality (these first are 3000 x 2000 px). For these new ones, I took my own photos with nude planks which allowed me to have a nice wooden background and to edit them in 4000 x 6000 px). I even had fun paying tribute to beautiful Girl Skateboard series that I enjoy. The Folded OG series and the Renaissance series.

These new scenes of 6 skateboards are completely customizable. Besides of course the graphics, it is possible to change the shadow, the light effects and the background of each scene. To get it, go to my Creative Market store.

Suketo Skateboard Mockup 9 Suketo Skateboard Mockup 8 Suketo Skateboard Mockup 7 Suketo Skateboard Mockup 6 Suketo Skateboard Mockup 5 Suketo Skateboard Mockup 2 Suketo Skateboard Mockup 1


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