Despite the current global situation, the Chalk Custom Board Project collective doesn’t let down and continues to offer as every year its event ‘European Custom Board Collective Show’. 2020 marks the return of the event to the city where the event was born: Brussels in Belgium. Its founder details this new edition for us.

Hello Mata7ik, can you introduce yourself and tell us about the Chalk Custom Board collective?

Hello, I’m Mathieu Bonte (Mata7ik). I founded the Chalk Custom Board Project collective 6 years ago with the desire to bring together artistic talents around a medium: the board! Skateboard, longboard, surfboard … The custom seed very quickly germinated and we had incredible opportunities to create and / or participate in various and varied events, all over Europe: big skate contests, festivals, art galleries , international art fairs, concept events … the list is long and full of memories.

It was in 2017 that the idea came to us to set up a platform on a European scale in order to present the work of the best artists from all over Europe, who often “do custom wonders behind the scenes, without to be able to make themselves known and recognized, and without being able to really share their passion, other than through social networks “. From there was born the first edition of the European Custom Board Show, in Brussels. Two years later, we had the great honor of being invited by Darwin to Bordeaux, and we organized the second edition of the European Custom Board Show there. The result ? Over 250 custom boards, over 70 European artists, thousands of visitors, parties, contests and skate demos, …

Chalk Custom Board Project, it’s simple: no pretension, a lot of passion, authenticity, a big job in the shadows to set up these events, and always more artistic level. The collective is fortunate to be able to count on artists from very diverse backgrounds: tattoo artists, graphic designers, linocuters, graffiti artists, illustrators, painters, architects, visual artists and even musicians … a large family, which has decided since its birth , to cultivate an open mind as well as the absence of too strict form and structure.

European Custom Board Wip 

Back to Brussels for this 3rd edition, can you tell us more?

This third edition of the European Custom Board Show will be resolutely unique! The world is experiencing something unique, everything is upsetting and upset, and in the middle of it all … we are moving forward and we promise you very nice surprises! To name a few, we are adding new facets to the event: conferences and debates on skateboarding seen from several angles (urbanity, impact on society, architecture, …), a rather incredible and eclectic musical program, guided tours for children and grown-ups that we are, workshops for shaping boards and customizing them in the company of artists from the collective, the participation of neighborhood houses and humanitarian organizations, etc.

For the first time, we took the time to supervise graphic designers and videographers, communicators, to take it a step further in terms of organization and global branding. I would like to take this opportunity to thank this wonderful team which works most of the time behind the scenes, but which I never stop thanking, because without them, we would be nowhere :-).

6 months ago, we were contacted by Aldo Martinez, the artistic director of Les Halles St Gery, and the marriage was almost instantaneous. Favorite between Chalk and Les Halles! We organized a small event there at the end of August 2019 to prove ourselves and continue our courtship, and we then formalized things for the European Custom Board Show 2020 project.

Thank you to The Daily Board for its confidence and enthusiasm in what we do, Rom ‘you are part of this big family of which I speak a little above, and you know it 🙂

Inevitably, the current situation also impacts you, how do you manage that?

No no Belgium is protected, we are shielded with Trappist beer here …

More seriously, we adapt to the current situation, a bit like we have always adapted according to the different types of events that we set up or in which we participated ;-). Most artists are streetsters, they are used to finding creative solutions, even (and above all) in adversity.

Inevitably, a lot of questions sprang up a few weeks ago, but thanks to a solid organization and communication between us, we can feel proud and happy with the way we are progressing, step by step, to make this event a success. unprecedented. In custom board we trust!

Tell us, how are we going to participate this year?

The call-to-artists was officially launched a few days ago on our social networks (Facebook, Insta …). Basically, all interested artists can send us their application by email ( before May 10, and we will then select the best of them, so that they can participate. at the European exhibition.

We are already very pleasantly surprised to see so many applications that are raining from all over Europe, despite the confinement and despite this unstable and filled with doubts …

Affiche European Custom Board Exposition


One last thing to add?

The world is changing, and the hidden gift may be that it will become a little more authentic, a little less twisted, a little more human and respectful! Behind all adversity are opportunities … for a better world.

Ok, what I just said has nothing to do with the expo, but somewhere, it makes sense with the way we think things at Chalk Custom Board Project: humanity, sharing, authenticity and passion.

I want to thank all the people who make this project born and that it continues to grow every year. No need to list them, they will recognize themselves and know how grateful I am to them. Collective spirit is the key!

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