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The edition of the De Paris Yearbook 2015, released only a few months ago, is hot! The book of Thomas Busuttil and Stéphane Borgne, aims to gather 1 year of skate photographs in Paris.

This almanac focuses on capturing the photograph in space and time. What’s interesting is that the skater and the photographer are not highlighted in every page. Most probably, in a concern for aesthetics, this point adds a very noble side of the photographer and the skater. Contrary to what one is accustomed to see in mags, they are not “the stars” of this photo.

However, we can recognize figures of the French scene like Rémy Taveira, Mickaël Gazon or Joseph Biais. Dustin Dollin, Daniel Lutheran and Ben Raybourn are also part of the show, to name just a few names.



The book De Paris Yearbook captures mostly photos of skaters in full tricks or doing skater stuffs (falling down, partying, drinking beers or eating with dirty hands). To contrast with the image of the juvenile and dirty skateboarder, we find a series of portrait rather funny. The idea is to photograph the skaters, in dress and at their workplace. We go from the architect to the head of a luxury store, passing by the crunches!

The second picture series, which comes out a bit of the frame, but is also, can not be more interesting. In fact, the idea is to put in beauty through packshot photos, well worn objects of our daily. The steep roll looks noble, just like the square wheel).


Finally, these 304 pages set the scene skate and all those who activated around 2015. And to see the book with a small 3D dimension, just look at our video just below which presents the 3 books.

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Livre De Paris YearbookLivre De Paris Yearbook Livre De Paris Yearbook Livre De Paris Yearbook Livre De Paris YearbookLivre De Paris Yearbook Livre De Paris Yearbook


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