Couverture du livre Jason

It’s official, the book Jason is available!

Launched on Kickstarter in September 2020, the crowdfunding campaign of Michaël “Jason” Plasse and his graphic designers Johan Chaneac and Benoit Canaud managed to collect the 20000 euros necessary for the production of the project. This book documents a selection of 1100 skateboard stickers (out of the 5000 stickers of Jason’s collection).

Received a few days ago, I took pictures to try to show you the quality of the content and printing. What is striking from the beginning is to see that they played with selective varnish on the cover and on the whole book to make the stickers stand out. Some texts or elements are even printed in white on selective white to make them really discreet and difficult to see at first glance. The layout is sought after and of high quality, we even find pro or graphic designers such as Ed Templeton, Fos (whom I interviewed recently), Chris Miller, John Cardiel or Steve Alba.

The book pays homage to the big old school brands as well as to the small independent and local brands that don’t necessarily exist anymore. To name just a few, there are stickers from Zero, World Industries, Real, Girl, Toy Machine, Birdhouse, Spitfire, Transworld or the classics Roskopp, Vision or Powel Perralta.

This is not the first book of skateboard stickers, the Skateboard Stickers by Steve Cardwell, Mark Munson or the Stickerbomb Skateboard: 150 Classic Skateboard Stickers by Studio Rarekwai having already been well done in recent years. On the other hand, we can easily say that it is the most complete and especially the most qualitative. Rather than approaching the book as a collection of reproduced stickers to take off and stick on his board or his computer, Michaël Plasse and his team have chosen to approach it as a true beautiful art book.

To get this book of skateboard stickers, go to the Wallstreet website (the skateshop of the author of the book).

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