Bonobolabo contest
Illustration par Riccardo Mognato.

Bonobolabo is an exhibition gallery / skateshop with a mini inside, based in Ravenna, Italy. It organizes a great contest Skate Art with a free theme!

The principle: you propose your board design and if you win, Bonobolabo gives you 300€, one of the 30 limited edition boards with the owned graphic, and the opportunity to have a solo exhibition at Bonobolabo! A nice program, so check the instructions to participate.

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Art. 1 | Contest’s object

The contest theme is free

Art. 2 | Projects’ use

Bonobolabo has the right to use the selected material, while the intellectual property will be owned by the artist. Once the project will be given to Bonobolabo, the contestant authorizes the publication on the following websites, and

Art. 3 | Graphic’s technical features

The graphic must be created in a vectorial format following this Template
It is possible to use only 4 colors (the base is wood colored) separated on 4 layers

Art.4 | Enroll conditions and procedure to present the projects

The register has to be made filling up this Form
Enrollment expiring date: 31 May 2016

Art. 5 | Selections

The commission is made up of: Marco Miccoli, Luca Barberini, Alessandro Randi, they will evaluate every work and only 20 projects will be selected.

Art. 6 | Panel

The standards that will be judged are: graphic’s originality and creativity, consistant between the graphic and the theme represented, product’s impact of sales.

Art.7 | Award

The winner will receive 300 Euro, one of the 30 limited edition boards with the owned graphic, and the opportunity to have a solo exhibition at Bonobolabo.

Art. 8

The 20 selected projects will be printed and exhibited at Bonobolabo Via Centofanti 79 (Ravenna) on  Saturday 9th of July 2016, the same day the jury will declare the winner of the contest.


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