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At the beginning of 2018, Keflione de ROYALCLUB and I talked a lot about how to fix your skateboards on the wall. The simple technique of the rope, as archaic as unsightly to existing fastening systems. There was nothing we really liked. Either the installation was difficult, or the rendering once the board installed was unsightly.

With this in mind, we decided to make our own display, first for us. The idea was to move away completely from what is already done and really start on a goal: to create a system easy to install, solid and very discreet. Keflione spent several months drawing and imagining the ideal fixation and asked for first prototypes in April 2018. After a few tests, we had the right product. Rather than make a tasteless product, we decided to create a real brand, called TIGERCLAW Supplies.

Croquis dun Claw par Tigerclaw Supplies 1 Croquis dun Claw par Tigerclaw Supplies 1

Lancement Officiel Tigerclaw Supplies 7 Lancement Officiel Tigerclaw Supplies 10 Lancement Officiel Tigerclaw Supplies 9 Lancement Officiel Tigerclaw Supplies 8

Claw is the name of our deck display, with a very thin design to be as discreet as possible and made of metal to be resistant. The support is white to match the color of your wall and the screws are transparent not to be noticed.⁣

The first production has been made and we are proud to present our fixing system. To order, please visit our website and if you are a professional, write to us at

Fixation Tigerclaw lors de Inking Board
Fixation Tigerclaw lors de Inking Board sur la board par Kid No

Fixation Tigerclaw lors de Inking Board



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