You need to have balls to start a new skate brand nowadays. Thomas has some and decide to go for it helped by his friend Otto graphic designer. He tells us more about the process and vision.

I started skateboarding pretty late, at the age of 24. I was surfing a lot before, and it took me from the waves to the concrete. From then on, I have been totally dedicated and addicted to it..

Who are you Thomas Tö? Is that your real name?

Thomas: Hi Daily Board! My name is actually Thomas Friedl. Back in the days, my sister used to call me with the nickname “Tö”. All my mates picked that up and now it stays forever.

I started skateboarding pretty late, at the age of 24. I was surfing a lot before, and it took me from the waves to the concrete. From then on, I have been totally dedicated and addicted to it. My mate Otto has been on the board for more than 18 years.

Favorite skateboards

You’re from Munich, Germany. How is the skateboard scene in there? Is there a lot of good spots?

Thomas: I was born in Munich and live in the suburbs. The Munich scene is really rad! I like the vibes a lot. You can skate with everyone; it doesn’t matter how good you are. That gives the scene a strong “together” feeling.

The skate scene stands pretty much behind skateboarding and is currently pushing the movement to the next level. In our area, it´s not easy to skate different street spots the whole day. People try to bust and chase you away… police hustle and stuff. That’s why it’s necessary to build new spots and parks.

Europe Favorite Skateboards

This is working really well, but we still need a skate hall in Munich. Imagine, we got around 6 months of shitty weather which makes it hard to skate outdoor.

We are not running the company to make the big money. It’s more or less our passion to create stuff with it’s own meaning. It´s just great to do what you want to do and don’t give a fuck!


Let’s move back to skate graphics. A couple of weeks ago, you send me amazing skate decks you did with your mate Otto Kron for the Favorite brand. When did you Tell yourself let’s go?

Thomas: I had the idea 5 years ago. I had been working as distributor for an Australian skate / surf label and had contacts to all the manufacturers.

Otto Kron has a degree in graphic design and is a really amazing illustrator. I’m also a trained digital media designer/producer and so one thing hit another.

I came along with the name and the first logo. 2 years ago, we decided to make proper moves and took our ideas and products to a level were we want to see the Favorite Skateboard Company as an brand.

You made a board serie called “intergalactic mayhem of bombs, boobs and hats”! Why the heck?

Thomas: Well, it is an intergalactic mayhem :D. The influences are way more than just one theme. We started with no concept. At the beginning, we swapped pictures from the cold war, bombs and for sure boobs. I don’t really know why we took pictures from that genre.

I guess, it’s the dirty, trashed look of these specific pictures that creates a unique atmosphere. That’s how the journey started. Finally, it’s a composition of what could happen in this world or a world beside. It’s an open interpretation for everyone.

For you, what brands or board graphists are really making the difference right now?

Thomas: We try not be not another copy/paste skateboard company with the same usual way of designing decks. Most companies work with illustrations in the classic way. We take our influence not only from skateboarding. There is also a world around that gives you inspiration. At the moment, there are more upcoming companies with the same thinking like we have. Unconventional thinking, there is much more that can look terrificly rad on a board.

How do you see your company evolve in a couple of years? What’s the plan?

Thomas: I hope we can always surprise ourselves and keep the company constantly moving. Spending as much time as possible on the skateboard is also a part of the plan.

favorite skateboard

I saw on the Favorite website that your team skated an arduous spot in Confluence, Lyon. Come say hi next time!

Thomas: Right now, we are working on our full length video project. The team is traveling a lot to ban some awesomely rad skateboarding on motion pictures.

The video release is planned for the end of 2015. It’s hard work to get everything done in the way we want it to be. I honestly can’t wait to show off all the bangers we’ve got till now.

If we are around again, I’m sure will give you a call!

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